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Jazzy Border Pattern Series

***Sale on All Jazzy Border Patterns***

Just $4.00 each for a limited time!

Photo Frame Tea For Two
jazzy border photo Click here for larger image jazzy border teapot photo Click here for larger image
Art From The Heart Fabulous Flowers
jazzy border art from heart photo OUT OF PRINT jazzy border vase Click here for larger image
The Jazzy Border Series contains step-by-step directions to make very easy, fun mini-wall hangings. Each 14" x 15" wall hanging in this series looks fine on its own, but these patterns were specially designed so you can pick 2 designs and hang them side by side to make a charming set. Each of the patterns have a "right" or "left" sided look to them. The "Fabulous Flowers" design is a right sided pattern since the checkerboard is on the right side but not the left. Also, the flowers drape to the left. A perfect compliment to this pattern is the "Photo Frame" design which is a left sided pattern with the checkerboard on the left side only.

All of the patterns in this series with the exception of "Art from the Heart" can easily be switched from one side to the other. For example, if you wanted to pair up the "Fabulous Flowers" on the left with "Tea for Two" on the right, there are simple directions to follow to reverse the pattern.

Other special features of these patterns include:

  • In "Tea for Two", there is an unusual but easy to make 3-D folded tea bag that looks just like a real one with a string stapled to it! It pops up from the surface of the quilt to give the wall hanging a unique look.

  • The "Photo Frame" pattern lets you pick your favorite photo of your pet, person, or anything else you choose to display in the frame. Also the pattern includes 2 different frame sizes for even more versatility: one has a 4" x 6" opening and the other has a 5" x 7" opening.

  • The "Art from the Heart" pattern has a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote that truly applies to quilters: "For her heart was in her work and the heart giveth grace unto every art." This wall hanging is a great place for quilters to display their collectible quilt pins that usually get stashed away (or lost) in a drawer somewhere.

    These designs are sold as individual patterns so you can pick and choose which ones you want to make.

    Each pattern sells for just $7.00. ***NOW ON SALE $4.00 each for a limited time!
    For U.S. orders only, purchase using PayPal by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button below.
    *For international orders please see our Ordering Information Page.

    Jazzy Border Photo Frame Quilt Pattern
    Price $7.00 ***ON SALE $4.00 for a limited time

    Jazzy Border Tea For Two Quilt Pattern
    Price $7.00 ***ON SALE $4.00 for a limited time
    Jazzy Border Art From The Heart Quilt Pattern

    Jazzy Border Fabulous Flowers Quilt Pattern
    Price $7.00 ***ON SALE $4.00 While they last - Just a few left***

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